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SE-02 Software Editor - Santoul Suite

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Basic - Discontinued; Santoul 1.4 - Upgradeable; Plug-in - Now only bundled with Santoul Suite (V2)

The Official Studio Electronics SE-02 editor Version 2 is now available! With a brilliant bundle of Standalone and Plug-In— some two years in the perfecting—V2 hasn’t sacrificed its vast programming options, full real-time control, providing immediate access to all synth parameters, and high value-added functions such as "Patch Blending," and "Random Patch Generation.” Now in a larger, more luxurious, feature expanded & panelized UI for the Standalone package, the Santoul Suite is even easier on the eyes and workflow.

Need to import/export full patch banks or individual patches and share sound programming with other users of this software? Much easier now, and expressive sound design not standard on your synthesizer can now be explored, and likely most importantly, visualized, where not possible before, simplifying, and amplifying your most detailed and demanding '02 analog visions.... More Information.

To remove blue band and unlock the Santoul Suite, you will need to email us your Product ID to receive an Activation Key. These resources make it easy: SE-02editor-User-Manual-v2.0_Product-ID-Activation-Key.pdf, SE02editor V2 Product ID

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