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SE-3X Software Editor (V.1) Upgrade

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This SE-3Xeditor Upgrade is compatible with SE-3X, or SE-1X models upgraded with '3X EPROMS displaying version 1.02, or higher; it is designed to expand the capabilities of your synth and boost creativity, by incorporating—visualizing—evocative and time-saving features not standard to its native operation.

Program and play from 4 additional virtual patch banks (12 banks total) managed on your computer's hard drive, while the standalone software is running. More Information.

IMPORTANT: This SE-3Xeditor-User-Manual-v1-Installation-Authorization.pdf explains the Product ID/Authorization process: Each buyer must email their Product ID to to receive an Authorization Code; this will unlock the product's full functionality and support. For those upgrading, proof of '1X Editor purchase must be provided; please attach to email.

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