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Boomstar SEM MKII

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Boomstar: a return to the raw necessity of non-programmable vintage analog. Think 1985: Midimoog, hardware envelopes, metal-shafted pots, 19" rackmount... There yet? Now add Lord Tom's magnificent 2-pole 12dB filter—always capable of airier, boxier tones than 4-pole 24dB filter offerings—and you've arrived. Filter controls at the top of the Boomstar, allow for a glorious blending between low-pass and high-pass/band-pass (found on original SEMs); pumped through invertable/loopable four-stage envelopes and the Minimoog VCA afternoons and evenings magically disappear. Dash or douse with Ringmod, XMod and Drive for decidedly more mischievous departures from the creamy, legendary original.

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