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Boomstar 5089 MKII

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The snap & punch of hardware envelopes drive the Boomstar's brilliant, discrete, voltage-controlled circuits with unparalleled clarity and versatility. The 5089 is distinguished from the other Boomstars by its filter: the classic, buttery and boomy Moog 24dB ladder. It's an effortlessly smooth, warm and decidedly musical, low-pass filter, with sopping wet resonance. When overdrive is enabled, a grittier tone pushes through. Feedback rebirths the Minimoog regenerative effect of feeding the headphone output into the External input. Use sagely or savagely.

Playing and listening to thickness of the sound is an incredible experience according to some.

All Boom*s are built like absolute tanks and feature through-hole construction, making Greg St Regis' crucial last minute circuit bending/perfectionism possible (and more of that goes on than one might imagine).

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