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Boomstar 4072 MKII

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Boomstar is a return to the raw power and purity of non-programmable discrete analog, where STUDIO ELECTRONICS started in 1985 with the Midimoog. The 4072 is fitted with the 24dB filter from the ARP 2600, the most Moog-like of Boomstar range, but the least predictable of the filters, with its cutting yet very pleasant resonance. Genre-melting synth leads flow effortlessly and endlessly, and with a full bass end, boomin' and midrange-rich basses are sure to compliment your songs in the key of life.

With this one, Feedback alone, sans oscillators and noise, offers a strong alternative to Primal Scream Therapy.

Expect 3 weeks for delivery, due to demand and a very labor-intensive build process; Greg St. Regis' perfectionism is to blame...

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